About Us

Allure Hook is an Indian retailer-based company owned by ALLURE HOOK (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED that specializes in their products include clothing, accessories, and shoes. It is the largest company in the retail industry for all customers at affordable prices. Allure Hook as of 2023 manages up to Causal Collection T-Shirt Sweatshirt etc.

who we are?


ALLURE HOOK was born out of the simple idea of loving and Create a Unique Fashion Brand in Indian Market where we Can Provide Best Quality Clothes in Unique Design at very affordable Prices.

In July 2022 ALLURE HOOK was founded by a Young 23-Year-old Boy with just a small Room Based in Delhi.

ALLURE” is a synonym of “attract” which is to put on a piece of eye-catching clothing to draw attention to current Fashion Trends An example of attract is two magnets coming together by magnetic force. To be attractive

 “HOOK” is an opening statement which is usually the first sentence, but we Tried to take it in the Last So that We Can attract Our Customers and hang over with Us. 

What Makes us “ALLURE HOOK”

  • Innovative Design

At ALLURE HOOK we have a huge Fashion Designer team who always look up Current Fashion Trends and Designs and Bring them on the website for the Customer.

  • Excellent customer service
at “ALLURE HOOK’ we believe that the Customer is our Best Friend as treat our best friend we treat the same customer also in terms of everything.


  • Homegrown
at “ALLURE HOOK” we always support the Indian Economy as all the manufacturers and Vender are Indian based.